Streamlined Supplier Relationship Management

Managing supplier relationship on spreadsheets can be complicated. DeltaBid SRM puts all supplier information at your fingertips in one intuitive database.


Categorize suppliers and track qualification status

Label suppliers by category and pull up their information in seconds. Quickly see which suppliers are qualified and which have been blacklisted. Select qualified suppliers to participate in an RFP with just one click.

View all supplier contact details and relationship touchpoints

DeltaBid helps buyers organize individual supplier relationship touchpoints on one page: contact details, documents, contracts, claims, meeting notes, etc. Centrally organized and available touchpoints helps all team members be fully prepared to work towards managing the relationship.

Track scheduled meetings, contract expirations dates and more using the activity list

Whenever a new week starts, the activity feed reminds you of scheduled supplier meetings, expiring certificates or documents and any other tasks you have been assigned to complete.

What Makes DeltaBid Different

User friendly, intuitive design

Easy-to-use for buyers and suppliers

Made by procurement experts

Keeps daily tasks organized