Video Production Request for Proposal (RFP) template

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Here you will find free request for proposal (RFP) template for video production ready to copy or download.

You can use this template and follow the tips to compose a professional RFP that helps your suppliers to prepare their proposals and you will receive high quality bids with minimal effort.

Download template in PDF or copy the text below


1) A brief overview of the video you plan to procure
This should be no longer than one sentence. Use this as the subject line when sending the request to the production companies.

2) Details and descriptions.
Provide a clear overview of your plans. A detailed request will result in fewer questions asked when running the request.

  • Purpose: What is your vision for the final product? Where the video will be published and who is the target audience?
  • Length: How long will the video be? It could be a short, 30-second advertisement or it could be an hour-long product tutorial.
  • Style: What is the general look of the video? For example, is it a cartoon or live action?
  • Actors: Who will be in the video? Will you hire the actors or do you expect the production company to?
  • Narration: Has the narration already been completed? If it has, include it in the attachments. If not, when will it be ready? Or do you expect the production company to provide narration?
  • Pricing: Provide an overview of your estimated budget.

3) Mandatory requirements
State your mandatory requirements, e.g. past experience, qualifications, portfolio of previous projects and references, financial reports etc. Let production companies know that if these are not met, their proposal will be rejected.

4) Overview of attached documents
List the documents that can be found in the attachments.

5) Guides for sending the request to your suppliers
If you are planning to send the information to your suppliers by email, then take a look at this video. In two minutes, you can learn how to run requests faster and save up to 40% of your time.

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