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Here you will find free software request for proposal (RFP) sample ready to copy or download.

You can use this sample and follow the tips to compose a professional RFP that helps your suppliers to prepare their proposals and you will receive high quality bids with minimal effort.

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1) RFP: Warehouse management software for online shoe store
This should be used as the subject line when sending the request by email.

2) The intent of this RFP is to invite interested software companies to send their proposals for warehouse management software for our online shoe store.

  • Purpose: We are looking for software to help us manage SKUs in our warehouse. Up until now, we have been managing the warehouse with our accounting software XYZ, but it has several limitations and we are looking for a more efficient solution.
  • Type and platform: We prefer a web application that is accessible to internal employees, but can be accessed outside our premises. Warehouse workers are able to use smartphones for receiving and dispatching goods.
  • Expected functionality: receiving goods from vendors, keeping track of different colors and sizes for each shoe model, out-of-stock management and replenishment planning, generating picking lists from sales orders, creating shipments and printing packing slips and invoices, tracking shipments, managing returns.
  • Target users: The software will be used by our warehose workers.
  • Existing or related solutions: The solution should be integrated with the shopping cart and order checkout form at our current website. Invoices should be exchanged with the AR and AP modules of our accounting software.
  • Key dates: proposals need to be submitted by mm/dd/yy. Testing of the full solution should be complete by mm/dd/yy. The software is expected to go live by mm/dd/yy.
  • Budget and costing: We don’t yet have an exact budget in place, however the range is aroung $ XYZ. Please include a detailed budget in your bid.
  • Designs and specifications: Please see the attached document for list of our current warehouse layout, SKU structure and overview of warehouse processes.

3) The software company must provide us with the following information:
portfolio of recent similar projects, company history overview, financial statement for last FY, list and qualification of the development team and references from similar projects completed in the past. We will also do additional background research on the company.

4) The following items can be found in the attachments:
description of current processes, layout of the warehouse, SKU structure, list of our current shipping partners, description of e-commerce system on our web page, description of our accounting software

5) Guides for sending the request to your suppliers
If you are planning to send the information to your suppliers by email, then take a look at this video. In two minutes, you can learn how to run requests faster and save up to 40% of your time.

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