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Here you will find free construction request for proposal (RFP) sample ready to copy or download.

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1) Construction of White County GX4 Communication Tower
(This should be used as the subject line when sending the request by email.)

2) The intent of this RFP is to invite interested contractors to send their proposals for the delivery and installation of a communication tower in White County.

  • Location: White County.
  • Project description: Pre-installation site development and preparation and the erection of a small-footprint, self-supporting, guyed communication tower plus related wireless communication equipment.
  • Key dates: The bids need to be submitted by mm/dd/yy. The project start date is mm/dd/yy. We expect the communication tower be up and functioning by mm/dd/yy.
  • Pricing: Quotes should include the cost of purchasing and installing the related wireless radio communication equipment, VAT included.
  • Materials: The communication tower and all needed materials will be provided by the buyer.
  • Project designs: Designs, agreements and images depicting the current status of the project can be found in the attachments.
  • Supervision: The buyer will supervise the project.

3) The contractor must provide us with the following information:
Tax reports, company history overview, number of employees, and references from similar projects completed in the past. We will also do additional background research on the contractor.

4) The following items can be found in the attachments:
Project designs and blueprints, images emblematic of our brand and company, and all the necessary agreements and contract details.

5) Guides for sending the request to your suppliers
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