Requisition Management Helpdesk
Improve Procurement’s Internal Customer Service

The procurement process starts with requisitions. Running them via email or on paper is a hassle since it so difficult to track the process from beginning to end. With DeltaBid’s requisition management helpdesk, buyers stay organized, and purchasing becomes transparent right from the start.

This simple tool is designed to help you control the requisitions process. A central buyer dashboard and message board for stakeholder communication will help you channel your purchase requests into a seamless and easy-to-follow process. Each requisition is assigned a unique ticketing number, just like with an IT helpdesk system, thereby decreasing the number of emails sent back and forth between stakeholders.

What makes DeltaBid’s requisitioning tool unique?

Improved collaboration

One streamlined platform for tracking requisitions improves stakeholder collaboration and decreases the chance for miscommunication between departments.

Transparent purchasing

A visible requisitioning system makes it easy to trace the entire purchasing process from beginning to end. All documents, decisions, and stakeholder communications are easily accessible and centrally stored.

Seamless requisitions

Communication flows smoothly, decisions are made more quickly, and stakeholders don’t spend as much time on data entry duties. Boost Purchasing’s efficiency and save stakeholders time for more strategic tasks.


  • Compose requisitions on a simple web form

    The simple requisitions web form makes it easy to send the request to Purchasing. Once the requisition has been submitted, it can be followed through a unique “ticket” link without having to send emails asking for status updates.

Requisition webform
Requisition messageboard

Intuitive web form

Any employee can fill in the user-friendly web form and create a requisition.
Just fill in the fields, attach the necessary documents, and click submit.

Easy to collect approvals

No need to bounce around emails or hunt down colleagues for a signature.
The requisition is sent for approval with one click and you can simply follow the “ticket” to see if and when the requisition is approved.

Unique “ticket” for status updates

Each requisition is assigned a unique “ticket” link. Simply open the requisition email and follow the link to see the status of the request.

  • Organize buyers’ tasks

    DeltaBid’s requisitioning tool helps keep buyers organized and on top of their daily tasks. Since all requisitions will now arrive through the same channel, they will be able to easily see new requisitions, check up on ongoing requisitions, and archive completed requisitions.

Requisition Dashboard

Spend less time on email

Buyers won’t have to answer questions via email since stakeholders can follow the requisitioning process themselves via the “ticket” link in their email.

Easy to stay organized

The buyer dashboard makes it easy to see which requisitions need immediate action and which items can be purchased later.

Convert to RFP or PO

Once specifications have been received and approvals gathered, the buyer can turn the requisition into an RFP or PO with one click.

  • Approve requisitions with ease

    Streamlines the approval process with DeltaBid’s requisitioning tool. The decision maker or budget holder will receive an approval request via email with a link he can use to access all documents, specifications, and communications related to the requisition.


Smooth approval process

No need to bounce emails back and forth or gather signatures on paper. Simply enter the decision maker’s email and a notification lands in his inbox.

Easy to ask for additional information

Once the decision maker opens the link in the notification, the message board helps him follow buyer-stakeholder communications and ask additional questions.

Improved efficiency

All the requisitions and their related documents and specifications arrive through one channel, meaning the decision maker can easily stay on top of them and submit approvals quickly.

  • Streamline the purchasing process

    The purchasing process begins with requisitions and running all requisitions through one tool makes the entire purchasing process more streamlined . This improves compliance rates by making it easier for managers to keep track of the purchases.

Requisition Analytics

Organize requisitions company-wide

The procurement team, management, and auditors can easily access all the requisitions whenever needed and clearly see who has ordered what and who approved which orders.

Improve compliance and gain greater visibility

DeltaBid makes it easy to see what was originally requested and when it will be delivered, meaning the entire procurement process is now transparent and auditable.

Provide better internal customer service

Stakeholders can now follow the requisition progress, and management can easily track team requisitions, giving them the information they need to stay on budget.