A Better Way to
Request Proposals

Preparing RFPs, collaborating with suppliers and evaluating bids can be complicated. DeltaBid makes it easy.


One dashboard to monitor current and completed RFPs

All ongoing and completed RFPs are organized and accessible from one dashboard. Keep track of all received bids and messages from suppliers. No need to search through emails or multiple databases.

Use templates, copy and paste past RFPs, or create from scratch

DeltaBid makes preparing RFPs easy. Use a template or copy a previous request with one click. You can also create a new one by adding the subject and description, choosing a deadline, uploading a list of items, and attaching the emails of your suppliers.

Receive all bids in one, ready-to-compare format

DeltaBid makes it really easy to run RFPs. All bids and questionnaire answers are organized on one dashboard and can exported to Excel. No need to manually convert bids to your preferred format.

Easily award, export reports, or start a new round of bidding

Uniform formatting makes it easy to compare bids and evaluate responses with your team. Awarding the bid and sending out notifications can be done with couple of clicks. You can also print reports or start a new round of bidding if your targets haven’t been met.

Overview of all past RFPs by buyer, division, or category

All sourcing events are organized and easily accessible. See how many RFPs your team has run overall or how many have been run in different categories. Stay on top of this information even when a team member leaves or a new one arrives.

What Makes DeltaBid Different

Saves time by 25-60%


Built for buyers

Improves transparency