A Better Way to Source

Entire sourcing process in one place from beginning to end

Use Time Wisely

Don’t waste time on collecting and organizing the event details, creating comparisons and audits. Let DeltaBid do it for you and spend your time where it matters.

  • Run RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and Reverse Auctions

    All the events are organized and accessible from a single dashboard. Communicate with suppliers and receive bids in one place.

  • Use event templates

    Start a new event with a click of a mouse by using templates or copying a previous one.

  • Make collaboration a breeze

    Start a new event with a click of a mouse by using templates or copying a previous one.

Negotiate Smarter

DeltaBid comes with powerful features that help you to enhance the competition and deliver more savings compared to using email.

  • Compare apples-to-apples

    All bids and questionnaire answers are automatically comparable and can be exported.

  • Use Multi-Round Bidding to Get Better Quotes

    Run multiple rounds of RFPs, RFQs to make sure you get the best bids possible from the market.

  • Run Reverse Auctions if Price Matters

    A real-time reverse auction is one of the most efficient ways for buyer to find a supplier with the best price.

Stay in the driver’s seat

You have one place to have a complete overview of all your events and the performance of your team at any time.

  • Track savings

    Use analytics to track savings and measure the performance of your sourcing team, categories or business units.

  • Learn from past events

    All the events, reports, communication is stored and accessible indefinitely. New buyer can start from where the last one left off.

  • Improve auditability

    Every action performed by buyer or supplier gets logged automatically which is great for auditability.

What makes DeltaBid different

Saves 25-60%
on time

Easy to use

Built for buyers

Improves transparency