Online Procurement Software

Replace your inefficient, locally-hosted solution with DeltaBid.
This cloud-based procurement platform streamlines sourcing and provides a clear overview of the entire process.

What is online procurement software?

Online procurement software is a tool that helps run tenders and requests for proposals more efficiently than email, fax or phone. It helps compose and publish tenders, communicate with suppliers, evaluate bids, and select the best vendor. Since everything is done on the cloud, there’s no need for an internal IT department or expensive system upgrades.

What benefits can you expect from an e-procurement solution?

Online procurement software gives you more control over your requests by providing a clear overview of all actions, which both reduces manual labor and helps teams collaborate. Receiving bids, messages and vendors’ questionnaire answers all in one, ready-to-be-evaluated format saves teams time and makes the entire process more transparent.

Why is online procurement software great?

Online procurement software, as opposed to a solution hosted on a local network, doesn’t require the knowledge of a specialized IT department for implementation. An online solution is hosted in the cloud and updates automatically, with no external input on the ground.


Why companies all over
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  • Saves 25-40% more time compared to email
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Customizable to meet your procurement workflow
  • Great tendering analytic features
  • Allows you to collaborate and share information instantly
  • Assigns tenders to different team members, encouraging collaboration
  • Streamlined process reduces maverick spending
  • Easily works with Excel lists of items

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