Timestamps for important topics:

[00:38] Benefits of using list of items feature
[01:12] Online list builder
[01:56] Adding sections
[02:55] Building a list in Excel
[04:01] Customized list of items
[05:02] Editing a list of items
[05:24] Supplier-view preview


Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Hillary and I’m DeltaBid’s knowledge base developer.

In this video we will be going over DeltaBid’s list of items feature.

You may call this list a bill of quantities, list of materials, or a price list. In DeltaBid it’s a list of items and it’s right here beneath the RFP description.

Reviewing proposals can be a frustrating process – especially if you receive them in multiple formats – like through email, over the phone, or if suppliers add columns to your spreadsheet or otherwise mess up your formatting. DeltaBid’s list of items feature solves that problem for you. Here’s how…

[00:38] If you use the list of items feature, you’ll get all of your bids in the same format, making it easy to compare the bids at the end of the RFP process. You can see we have three proposals from three different suppliers, all nicely organized and ready to be compared.

So there are two ways you can put together a list of items. You can do it online, directly in DeltaBid, or you can put it together in Excel and upload it to the platform.

[01:12] Let’s look at the online option first. Click to “Compose a list of items.”

Now add the item… description… unit… and quantity. Click “Save” and then add the next item.
You can do this for as many items as you want.

Now, say you want to segment your list into sections. This can be done either before or after you’ve added your items.

As you can see, I’ve got my bids broken down into “Materials” and “Works” and at the end I can easily compare them by section.

[01:56] Ok, back to our list. To add a new section, click “New section”… name it and then add items as we did before. Remember, you can always drag and drop sections and items to where you need them to be in the list.

Eventually it’s going to look something like this and you can decide if we want to allow suppliers to submit multiple bids by clicking “Allow alternative bids.”

So that was option one. Now imagine you have hundreds or thousands of items or you’ve received an Excel list from the designer. Perhaps you would rather work offline.

[02:55] You also have the option to build this list in Excel. Click “Download template”… open it up and begin adding your items.

Now I’m going to show you a sample of one we’ve already created. You can see here we’ve added sections by putting a number next to the section name and then each item in the section would be 1.1, 1.2, and so on. You can use the same format to add additional subsections, by labeling them 1.2.1, 1.2.3, etc.

DeltaBid can easily handle lists with up to a couple thousand items, so you can include everything you need in one RFP.

[04:01] Now perhaps you need to customize your columns to match the designer’s requirements or you need to gather more information from your suppliers…
all you need to do is change the column names or add additional columns. On this example you can see the information the buyer will have filled in and over here is the information that will be filled in by suppliers.

Once your Excel sheet is ready, save it and then click “Upload” or simply drag and drop.

After uploading it, you’ll have to make some decisions. Go through column-by-column and decide whether the supplier fills it in… what value can be entered… whether it’s required information… and if you want the platform to automatically sum up the column once the information’s been entered.

Import the file by clicking here.

[05:02] View “Edit.” Here you can edit individual items or delete them. You can also edit the columns.

For example, say we want to change the “Guarantee” column from yes or no to choose from a list. You can add my list options here.

[05:24] Before sending it out, you’ll want to get a preview of what your suppliers will see. Click “preview” and here it is.

Suppliers can fill in their bids directly on DeltaBid or they can download a locked Excel template – meaning they won’t be allowed to change any of the formatting – and then they can fill in the Excel template and upload it to the platform.

After checking the preview, click “Done.” Your list of items is now ready to be sent out!