DeltaBid is used from small companies to big enterprises

Vox Supply Chain
time efficiency

Vox Supply Chain

Vox operates as an outsourced supply chain service provider. It has clients in 30 countries and a large portfolio of suppliers. The company spends at least 25% less time on items procured via DeltaBid. Suppliers found the system easy to use and supplier participation has increased.

AS Gaasivõrgud
$400 000
cost savings in a short time


AS Gaasivõrgud, Estonian Gas distribution network operator, manages the construction and maintenance of all gas supply systems in Estonia. Using DeltaBid, the company reduced its yearly procurement budget by 5%, a total of $400,000. Supplier participation has increased. Gaasivõrgud now uses DeltaBid for all tenders.

better overview
of procurement

ABB Baltics

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies. DeltaBid has given the company a better overview and reduced the time spent on strategic procurement. All their procurement information is now in one place and easy to manage.


Other satisfied customers include

Eltel Networks