DeltaBid Benefits



DeltaBid has created a simple, streamlined and transparent procurement process for every kind of tender out there. Increased transparency increases supplier participation and reduces “maverick” purchases.

Better oversight


DeltaBid provides an overview of all tenders. You can see which suppliers have read a tender or who agreed to participate in the tender or who made a bid. Buyers can track supplier status, questions and bids in real-time. Suppliers receive instant updates.

Easy as email

Ease of Use

DeltaBid is as easy as email but twice as smart, taking the pain out of procurement for both buyers and suppliers. Submit or compare bids in a few clicks, forget email or Excel.

Cost savings


Deltabid customers have saved five percent on buying costs and 25% on the time spent on procurement. DeltaBid’s transparent process increases supplier participation, driving down bids. Less time is spent on fielding emails and phone calls from suppliers that aren’t relevant to the tender.