Increase Visibility and Sales with DeltaBid

Get tender invitations from private companies

Receive Tender Invitations from Private Companies

Companies are using DeltaBid as their everyday tool to make their procurement process more transparent and efficient. With DeltaBid, they can run both private and public tenders. By listing your company they can send you invitations to their private tenders as well as public ones.

Get in contact with decision makers

Reach Decision Makers

With DeltaBid, you get direct contact with the buyer. You can ask additional questions if the tender is not clearly specified and your bids will go direct to the decision maker who will have a complete overview.

All your bids are private – only the buyer sees them and they aren’t shared with anyone else.

Submit and organize your bids privately

Submit and Organize Bids Privately

All your bids are organized in one place with an overview on what tenders you have participated in and what kind of bids you have made.

It’s easy to track and follow-up with the tenders and get feedback from buyers.

Transparent process brings fair competition

Transparent Process Enables Fair Competition

DeltaBid makes the procurement processes transparent for all companies. On the buyer side there’s always a full overview of who has participated, what the bids were and how the decisions on the bid were made.